These tarballs contain everything related with the GAMGI project, including code, documentation and data.

Tarballs marked gamgi-all-#g.tar.gz require the GTKGLExt library, while tarballs marked gamgi-all-#x.tar.gz do not need this library, using only the GLX library, automatically available with any OpenGL library for the X Window System. Apart from this technical difference, the two versions, g and x, work exactly in the same way.

File checksums are available here. Older files are available by FTP.

gamgi-all-0.17.5g.tar.gz 2,524 K 25-02-2022
gamgi-all-0.17.5x.tar.gz 2,524 K 25-02-2022
Solid Text objects in GAMGI uses DeJaVu TrueType fonts, derived from Bistream Vera fonts, and distributed under a free License.

For size reasons, these fonts are not included in the GAMGI distribution. Although these fonts come with most Linux distributions, they might not be available for all systems, so they are provided in the file below, for convenience. For size reasons, this file includes only the DeJaVu fonts specifically used by GAMGI.

To make these fonts visible to GAMGI, just point the environment variable GAMGI_TEXT to the directory where these ttf files are. For example, if these fonts are in /usr/share/fonts/dejavu, just add this line to file ~/.bashrc (or ~/.profile, in some systems): GAMGI_TEXT=/usr/share/fonts/dejavu; export GAMGI_TEXT

File checksums are available here. Older files are available by FTP.

dejavu-ttf-2.30.tar.gz 2506 K 22-11-2009