AMGI supports both wired (stroked) and solid (extruded) 3D fonts.

Stroked fonts are needed to show information (as measurements and object identification) on the screen, which needs to be three-dimensional because it will be linked to molecules and other three-dimensional objects. Stroked fonts are relatively simple, so characters can be drawn fast. Measurements and object identification must work in both manual and automatic modes. In the automatic mode, measurements of distances and angles must be recalculated and the results updated in the text objects in real time, while the user manipulates the objects.

Extruded fonts are designed to provide the highest possible visual quality to text objects. These fonts work well with lights and can be very complex, so they are much slower than the stroked fonts.

Text objects can own other text objects only, so they are recursive objects. This gives the user maximum flexibility to manipulate different text fragments separately and compose them to obtain the final result. Text objects can be owned by any other GAMGI object except lights and windows.