In GAMGI, Help is regarded as an object (as atoms or lights), which can occur only once. Because Help explains how the other objects work, it is conceptually a child of them, thus appearing in last place in the top menu bar, in the main windows interface. Everything related with Help in GAMGI is available only from this Help button in the menu bar.

To change the Help configuration data (source, agent, colors), please read Gamgi->Control->Help.

For all the five Help options available, the actual Agent showing the information can be Gamgi or an external Browser, and the actual Data shown can be Local, fetched from the user computer system, or Remote, downloaded from the GAMGI web site:

When using Remote data, the information at might be more recent and accurate than the Local data shipped with the GAMGI version being used. However, it requires web access and is limited by transmission speed.

The formatting presented by the Browser agent might be easier to read than the formatting used by the Gamgi agent. However, this requires launching a browser, often a slow and memory hungry application.

By default, GAMGI uses Local data and the Gamgi agent. Other options can be set either importing XML files with new configuration values or changing them on Gamgi->Control->Help.