Window Select

Window->Select selects a window or a list of windows.

To select a window click the mouse anywhere over the screen: a menu pops up listing the identification of all the top windows. If a window is selected, it becomes the new selected object.

When an object is selected, a beep is emitted and the object identification is shown in the window status bar, first in a highlighted color (to emphasize that the current object has changed) and then in the default color (after a few seconds).

For each top window, only one selected object is maintained. This can be Gamgi (everything), Window (the current window), Layer (the current layer), or a child object of the current layer. To see which object is currently selected see its identification in the window statusbar.

Window->Select shows a flat list of all windows currently existent in GAMGI. For each window, a hierarchical tree shows all its child objects.