Window Link

Link a window or a list of windows to layers.


Windows can be linked only to Layer objects.

Gamgi expects users to identify first a window or list of windows and then a layer to link. When the Window entry is active and empty, pressing the mouse over the graphic area in the current window (local selection) creates a menu with all the windows in Gamgi, which can then be selected. The current window is initially proposed in the Window entry. Pressing the List button, the current list of windows is selected instead.

Gamgi is now expecting users to click over the graphic area in a window (global selection), to create a menu with all the layers in that window, which can then be selected, to enter the Layer entry.

In the link mode Object, the selected layer must be in a different window. In the link mode All, the layer can be any layer in the selected window or any non-empty layer in another window.


Gamgi suppports two methods to link windows: Object and All.

The Object method links a window to a single Layer. The layer is unlinked from its previous window and linked to the new window. The layer history kept by the Undo and Save mechanisms is preserved in this operation. An error is issued when the selected layer was already in the window.

After the linking operation, Gamgi always puts on top the selected window and layer.

When linking a list of windows, the layer is replicated as many times as necessary to link each window in the list to a different replica. The layer history kept by the Undo and Save mechanisms is not copied to the replicas.

The All method moves all the non-empty layers in all the other windows to the selected window, remove all the other windows which now have only empty layers, and finally put the selected layer as current layer. An error is issued when the selected layer cannot be found among the layers reunited in the window.

When a list of windows is selected, the All method is disabled.