Plane Measure

Measure Length properties involving planes.


The supported Length properties are listed below. Planes and other objects selected may belong to different structural systems (cells, molecules, etc.), bonded or not. Only objects in the current layer can be chosen.

An easy technique to select the objects is to click the mouse sucessively over their visual representations, in the sequence shown in the dialog. After the last needed object is selected, GAMGI automatically starts the calculation.

Plane Separation

The distance between adjacent crystallographic planes. The plane parent must be a cell object.

The reported length is always the distance calculated from the equation d(hkl) = K/G(hkl), where G is the reciprocal lattice vector for planes (hkl) and K is the reciprocal lattice constant (the vector G is also proportional to K, so the result is independent of the reciprocal lattice constant).

Plane Atom Distance

The distance from a plane to an atom.


After selecting a quantity, enter the name of the objects and press Ok. If all objects are recognized, GAMGI does the calculation and shows the result in the Value entry.

When a calculation ends, GAMGI keeps the objects identification. To start a new calculation, just click the mouse over a new object: GAMGI automatically cleans the previous data and inserts the new object identification. When a new quantity or page is chosen, previous data is automatically removed.