Light Modify

Change here the attenuation parameters for a single light or a list of lights.

To modify a light, click over the graphic area to open a menu and choose a light, or write its identification (name and number) on the Light entry. To modify a list of lights, press the button List (after creating the list of lights with Light->Select). Parameters for empty entries or Local choices remain unchanged.

To change a light name write the new name in the Light entry, followed by the light number (GAMGI needs the number to identify the light). To change the name for a list of lights, press List first and then write the new common name in the Name entry.


Change the Constant, Linear, Quadratic parameters that control the axial attenuation. This is defined only for positional and spot lights. The axial attenuation factor is given by:
Axial Attenuation Factor = 1/(constant + linear*distance + quadratic*distance*distance)


Change the radial attenuation, defined only for spot lights. The radial attenuation factor is given by:
Radial Attenuation Factor = [max (0, vertex . direction)]**radial