Layer Remove

Indicate how to remove a layer (or list of layers, previously selected with Layer->Select, when Global is pressed).


When the Scope is All, the layer and all its contents is removed. This is the default. When the removed layer was the current layer, the layer before or the layer after becomes the new current layer. When the removed layer is the last one, a new layer is automatically created and made the current layer.

When the Scope is Contents, the layer is preserved but all its contents (lights, assemblies, graphs, shapes, arrows, cells, clusters, molecules, groups, planes, directions, atoms, bonds, orbitals, texts) is removed.

When the Scope is light, assembly, graph, shape, arrow, cell, cluster, molecule, group, plane, direction, atom, bond, orbital or text, these objects are removed from the layer.

When the target layer is the current layer, the final current layer becomes the new current object.

Clicking the mouse over the graphic area in the current window creates a menu with all the layers in the window, which can then be selected. Initially, the identification of the current layer is inserted in the Layer entry. This task cannot be reversed, so pressing Ok is required.