Help Topic
Help->Topic describes all topics in GAMGI, organized in a hierarchal tree.

The interfaces sub-tree describes GAMGI dialogs. The formats sub-tree describes GAMGI files. Clicking on the + symbol to the left of each node, a new list appears, showing the topics available for that item. Clicking on the - symbol to the left of a node reverses the process, closing up the list of options available.

Clicking on a node label selects that item (for example, Molecule, Measure or Symmetry). Pressing Ok launches a new window, describing that item. For example, clicking on Symmetry opens a window describing the report produced for the point group of symmetry.

Both the interfaces and formats sub-trees include an introduction to the subject. The objects and tasks in the interfaces sub-tree are ordered as they appear in the GAMGI main menu. The formats sub-tree describes Create and Config XML files, with the objects ordered as in the GAMGI main menu. Documentation formats and other accepted non-XML file formats are also listed.