Help Start
Help->Start provides the basic information to get started.

Help->Start may well be the first place where newbies look for help. For this reason, Help->Start is hard coded directly in GAMGI, so even if GAMGI cannot find the help files (because the GAMGI_HELP environment variable was not set or the Help files were not installed), at least this bit of information is guaranteed to be available.

First, it explains how to use the various Help tools available, Help->Current, Help->Topic, Help->Search and Help->Tutorial.

Then it explains how to set: 1) the GAMGI_HELP environment variable (pointing to the help documentation files); 2) the GAMGI_TEXT environment variable (pointing to the TrueType DejaVu fonts); 3) the BROWSER environment variable (pointing to the prefered browser).

General assistance on how and where to get further information about GAMGI is then provided. Links to local resources, usually installed together with the GAMGI code, and global resources, usually at, are listed.