Group Remove

Indicate how to remove a group (or list of groups, previously selected with Group->Select, when Global is pressed).


When the Scope is All, the group and all its contents is removed. This is the default.

When the Scope is Container, the group is removed but its contents (child groups, planes, directions, atoms, bonds, orbitals, texts) is saved, linked to the group parent.

When the Scope is Contents, the group is preserved but all its contents (groups, planes, directions, atoms, bonds, orbitals, texts) is removed.

When the Scope is group, plane, direction, atom, bond, orbital or text, these objects are removed from the group.

When the removed group was part of the current object, the current layer becomes the new current object.

Clicking the mouse over a group in the current layer, its identification is transported to the dialog and Ok is automatically pressed. To recover the previous state press Undo.