Group Create

Set here how the coordination polyhedra are shown.


When the option Solid is choosen, each polyhedron is represented as a solid volume, that users can see from the outside or from the inside.

When the option Wired is choosen, only the face contours are shown, thus producing a more light representation.


The Color button controls whether the polyhedra are represented with their own, independent color, or inherit it from the default color for the neighbour element, or, when this is undefined, from the current color of each central atom (not necessarily the default color for its element).

R, G, B

The R, G, B entries define the Polyhedron color: (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) is black and (1.0, 1.0, 1.0) is white. It is used to draw the lines in wired mode, and the solid faces in solid mode. In the last case, lines are drawn using the current layer background color, to get a good contrast and eliminate the need to define yet another color.


When polyhedrons are linked in Independent mode, the Scale factor can be used to change its size, including its child objects. Polytope group objects are scaled around its center.

When polyhedrons are linked in Automatic mode, only its parent objects can be scaled (thus changing the size of all its child objects, including the polyhedron), and the Scale entry is disabled.

The visual representation of an object is always scaled by its own scale factor multiplied by the scale factor of all its parent objects until layer, inclusive.