File Export

Set here which folders and files should be hidden and shown.

Each entry can contain multiple patterns, separated by white spaces or commas, each one describing a set of files or folders that should be hidden or shown. The character * is a wild card representing any number of any characters, and can be used anywhere in a pattern.

For example, the sequence *abc def*ghi* contains two patterns, indicating all occurrences with either: 1) "abc" in the end; or 2) "def" in the beginning, followed by "ghi" anywhere.

First, all occurrences indicated in Hide are removed. From the remaining occurrences, only those indicated in Show are shown. By default, all occurrences are shown, so an empty Hide means remove nothing, and an empty Show means show everything.


By default Hide is set to .*, to hide all dot folders.


By default Hide is set to .*, to hide all dot files.