Cell Select

Cell->Select selects a cell or a list of cells.

To select an cell click the mouse over its visual representation: if GAMGI recognizes the cell it becomes the new selected object, otherwise the mouse action is ignored.

When an object is selected, a beep is emitted and the object identification is shown in the window status bar, first in a highlighted color (to emphasize that the current object has changed) and then in the default color (after a few seconds).

Only cells in the working layer can be selected, even if cells are visible in other (transparent or translucid) layers. For each top window, only one selected object is maintained. This can be Gamgi (everything), Window (the current window), Layer (the current layer), or a child object of the current layer. To see which object is currently selected see its identification in the window statusbar.

Cell->Select shows a flat list of all cells currently existent in GAMGI, not necessarily in the same layer or window. For each cell, a hierarchical tree shows all its child objects.