Bond Modify

Change here the order and covalency for a single bond or a list of bonds.

To modify a bond, click over its graphic image, or write its id on the Bond entry. To modify a list of bonds, press the button List (after creating the list of bonds with Bond->Select). Parameters for empty entries or Local choices remain unchanged.

To change a bond name write the new name in the Bond entry, followed by the bond number (GAMGI needs the number to identify the bond). To change the name for a list of bonds, press List first and then write the new common name in the Name entry.


Change the bond Covalency, which is a measure of its percentage ionic/covalent character.


Change the bond Order, which represents its chemical order. Although any positive number is allowed, the usual values are 1.0 (single bond, the default), 2.0 (double bond), 3.0 (triple bond) and 1.5 (aromatic or delocalised bond).

Single, double and triple bonds are rendered in Wired mode, as single, double and triple rasterized lines. In Solid mode, single bonds are represented by a cylinder (the sigma bond), double bonds have two additional curved volumes on each side (the pi bond), and triple bonds have two more curved volumes on each side (the second pi bond).

Currently, the orientation of the curved volumes in solid secondary bonds is arbitrary. Currently, aromatic bonds are handled as normal bonds, according to its bond order, so bonds with order equal to 1.5 are handled as double bonds.