Bond Link

Link a bond or a list of bonds to other objects.

Bonds can be linked only to objects below.

Gamgi expects users to identify first the bond or list of bonds and then the object to link. When the Bond entry is active and empty, clicking the mouse over a bond, on the current layer (local selection), its identification is transported to the Bond entry. Pressing the List button, the current list of bonds is selected instead.

Gamgi is now expecting users to click on a object of the class currently selected in the class menu. This object can be in a different layer or window (global selection).

To select a visible object, just press the mouse over the object, in its window. To select objects without visual representation, such as layers and lights, press the mouse over the graphic area in the window, to create a menu with all the objects of that class in the window, which can then be selected.


Gamgi suppports only one method to link bonds: Object.

The Object method links a bond or a list of bonds to an object hierarchically below.

When linking a bond, the child object is unlinked from its current parent and linked to the bond. An error is issued when the parent already owned the child object.

After the linking operation, Gamgi always puts on top the window and layer containing the linked objects.

When linking a list of bonds, the child object is replicated as many times as necessary to link each bond in the list to a different replica.