Bond Config

Define here the length limits used when creating new bonds with the Length criterium.

Lower, Upper

When explicit bond length ranges are not defined for a given element pair, GAMGI attempts to create default minimum and maximum bond length limits by summing the two atom radius and multiplying the sum by Lower and Upper factors. Both atom radius must be defined, otherwise the bond is not created.

Usually Lower is smaller and Upper is larger than 1.0. To increase the valid bond length range, decrease Lower, increase Upper and press Ok.

The Lower, Upper parameters are common to all element pairs and thus provide a method much less accurate (but much easier) to determine bonds than with Minimum, Maximum parameters.

Element, Element, Min, Max

Setting both Element entries to valid atomic elements, the current Min and Max distances to create bonds for this element pair are automatically shown. To explicitly define a new range for this element pair, set new values for Min, Max and press Ok.

Calling Bond->Config again and entering the same element pair, the new Min, Max values appear automatically.