Atom Copy

Indicate here the number of atom copies to create and its destination.

Gamgi expects users to identify first the atom or list of atoms to copy. When the Atom entry is active and empty, clicking the mouse over an atom, on the current layer (local selection), its identification is transported to the Atom entry. Pressing the List button, the current list of atoms is selected instead.


This is the name given to the new atom copies. The default is to copy the name of each original atom.


This is the requested number of copies, a positive integer. The default is 1.


After identifying the atom or list of atoms to copy, GAMGI expects users to identify a layer to where the atoms should be copied. Pressing the mouse over the graphic area in any window (global selection), creates a menu with all the layers in that window, which can then be selected. The current layer is initially proposed in the Layer entry.

When copying a list of atoms, the copies can also be created at the layer of each original atom, by setting Layer to Local.