Text Config


Sets the style applied by default when creating a new text object. GAMGI supports both wired (stroked) and solid (extruded) 3D fonts. Stroked fonts are faster and more suited for analysis. Extruded fonts are made from TrueType faces and are designed for presentations.
Example: <text style="wired"/> (default)
(defined in  GAMGI_MESA_TEXT_DRAW)
Allowed values: wired, solid (optional)


Controls which stroked font is applied by default when creating a new wired text object. Currently there are 14 stroked fonts available in GAMGI, including scripting and mathematical fonts. These fonts permit text objects to be rotated,moved,scaled on 3D space, exactly as a molecule, and are relatively light, allowing text changes to occur in real time.
Example: <text ... wired="roman"/> (default)
(defined in GAMGI_IO_TEXT_WIRED)
Allowed values: roman, roman_mono, sans, sans_bold,
serif, serif_bold, script, script_bold, gothic_english,
gothic_german, gothic_italian, sans_symbol, serif_symbol,
serif_symbol_bold (optional)


Controls which extruded font is applied by default when creating a new solid text object. Currently there are 10 extruded fonts available in GAMGI, permitting text messages to be manipulated and illuminated, exactly as any other solid 3D object.
Example: <text ... solid="sans"/> (default)
(defined in GAMGI_IO_TEXT_SOLID)
Allowed values: sans, sans_bold, sans_italic, sans_bold_italic,
serif, serif_bold, mono, mono_bold, mono_italic,
mono_bold_italic (optional)

red, green, blue

Sets the color applied by default, when creating a new text object.
Example: <text red="0.0" green="1.0" blue="0.0"/> (default)
Allowed values: 0.0 - 1.0 (optional, coupled)