Cluster Create


Controls the visual representation of a polytope Voronoi cluster. When faces is yes (the default), the polyhedron is represented by solid polygons, that users can see from the outside or from the inside. When faces is no, the polyhedron is represented by wired lines connecting the vertices.
Example: <group ... faces="yes"/> (default)
Allowed values: yes, no (optional)


In polytope Voronoi clusters, set the number of atoms to represent. To disable this representation set atoms equal to 0.
Example: <cluster ... atoms="1"/> (no defaults)
Allowed values: 1 - INT_MAX (optional)


Change the cluster size, including its child objects.The visual representation of an object is always scaled by its own scale factor multiplied by the scale factor of all its parent objects until layer, inclusive.

Polytope clusters are scaled around the cluster center, while Container clusters are scaled around the viewport center. This happens because Polytope clusters have a geometric center, defined by the polyhedra, while Container clusters may have only atoms, and using its geometric center as the scaling center has the weird effect that moving one atom changes the visual representation of the other atoms, because the scaling center and thus the scaling transformation has changed!

Example: <cluster ... scale="1.0"/> (default)
(defined in GAMGI_MESA_SCALE)
Allowed values: positive real (optional)